A woman was left speechless and in tears when her mum died at a young age and her sister used the opportunity to crack a brutal joke – although it was perfectly timed

A woman was left in tears when her sister cracked a brutal joke about their recently deceased mum.

TikTok star Lilli, @lilliscorner, shared a screenshot of the joke – which was made in a group chat on Facebook seemingly just after their mother had died.

She captioned the video “my mum died and this is what my sister had to say”, before sharing a screenshot of the joke which is followed by a series of shocked reactions – including a picture of Lilli’s crying face.

The unnamed sister quipped “who dies when they’re 46? This isn’t 1800” and now many of Lilli’s fans have rushed to the post to share the inappropriate jokes they have heard at similarly delicate times.

One said: “When my younger brother died, my other brother said, ‘damn, he didn’t even know how to ride a bike’.”

While another added: “My mum had a stillborn and she makes jokes about how he’s the favourite child because ‘at least he’s quiet and won’t talk back’.”

And a third added: “My grandfather died on Good Friday and my little brother said, ‘wait til Sunday, he might rise again’.”

Other users said they felt sorry for Lilli and her loss, and some appreciated the humour in the post.

A user named James said: “Damn, I needed this comment section so much – sometimes humour is just the best way to cope with grief y’know?’

And Lilli replied: “I did too, just knowing I’m not alone in this is so nice.”