The fuming woman told her mother-in-law that she was no longer welcome to visit the family, following the ‘toxic’ comments about her young grandaughter’s appearance

Lots of people famously don’t get on with their in-laws – but one interfering mother-in-law has taken it to the next level.

It’s fair to say that her son and his partner have had it up to hair – and are seeking some advice on how to shave the day.

One fed-up woman took to Reddit to explain how her mum-in-law dared to put her granddaughter in a wig to cover up her ginger hair.

Not only that – she’s previously told her son, who also has red hair, that his locks make him ‘ugly’ – leaving the woman seething.

Taking to Reddit, she explained: “My mother-in-law hates ginger hair. She always tried to convince my husband his skin is empty and his hair is ugly.

“That happened since childhood. My husband grew up with a lot of self-hate which he overcame once his inner circle of friends tried to lift him up and encourage him to feel confident. Now my husband loves his looks.”

Now she won’t stop making negative comments about her grandaughter – dubbing her curls “ugly”, and warning her that she’ll have to dye her hair when she’s older.

Unbelievably, the woman says her mum-in-law even brought over a WIG to see how the tot would look with brown hair.

Naturally, this sparked anger, with the woman writing: “That’s where I spoke up and said, the joke is over now, enough, you either cut that s*** out or get out.

“She guilts me telling me how I should be grateful she’s looking out for my daughter so she’ll avoid being bullied. She threw one of the usual tantrums about being entitled to her opinion and left.

“Once she left I told my husband that his mom won’t be allowed around our kid again unless she shuts the f*** up and stops trying to force insecurities on my kid.”

Asking if she was in the wrong, people flooded the comments with support and advice.

One person commented: “She doesn’t get to have an opinion on YOUR child.”

Another wrote: “If her opinion is your child should be ashamed of her appearance; then I guess sure she is entitled to that opinion…but she is not entitled to spend any time with your daughter.

“Luckily for your daughter she has parents who understand the damage this can do and will protect her from it.”

A third added: “Your husband has lived with this his whole life and doesn’t realize how bizarre, unhealthy, unacceptable, ignorant and evil it is. Not seeing her granddaughter is a good way to make her realize what’s at stake.”