Little Lola Hutton, from Dundee, Scotland, said her dad had better stick to making her ‘favourite’ chicken lunch and not the rubbish beef sandwich he opted for, or else.

An unimpressed 10-year-old girl wrote a threatening note to her dad after he made her the wrong school lunch.

Lola Hutton, had been expecting her favourite – a lovingly prepared, handmade chicken sandwich, like she usually has.

But then her dad, firefighter Chris Hutton, 42, decided to treat Lola, and his two sons, Leo, 12, and Luke, six, to a roast beef sandwich – with meat picked up especially from the butcher.

Lola, from Dundee, Scotland, was unimpressed and wrote Chris a strongly worded letter – warning him to stick to chicken next time, “or else!”

The year six pupil attached a sticky note to her sandwich bag with a warning not to pack roast beef again. She wrote: “What is this, do not give me this again or else!”

Mum Ashley Hutton, 40, said: “In Chris’s eyes, it was a treat. He loves roast beef so he decided to treat the kids to some from the butchers and Luke and Leo were perfectly happy with it.

“Normally, she gets chicken in her sandwich because that’s her favourite.

“When we saw the note, we were shocked, I just said ‘oh God’. We thought it was hilarious.

“It’s typical Lola, she knows what she wants.

“That’s her and her dad’s relationship, they’ve got banter with each other so she gets it from him. They are quite similar and he’s used to it.

“He says it’s like he’s got two wives because she’s always pestering him for help with things.”

Hair extensionist Ashley shared the note on Facebook, posting: “Husband lovingly made my daughter a roast beef sandwich to ‘switch it up’ for her packed lunch (she usually gets chicken) he went to clean her lunchbox out and received this.”

Many Facebook users were left in hysterics at the note, with one commenting: “That is priceless. Thanks for cheering up my day. Hope dad learnt his lesson and stops trying to switch things up.”

Another wrote: “When she’s naughty the night before school, warn her with it and say keep going and your dad will make your packed lunch.”

One suggested that the note was disrespectful but Ashley insists she’s proud of her daughter for ‘knowing what she wants’.

Ashley said: “She’s hilarious. Her and her dad have these jokes between them.

“She’s very chatty and confident and we’ve taught her to be that way. She’s dyslexic and has ADHD so she’s quite impulsive but it is her personality. She’s loud and proud.

“Everyone thought it was hilarious. I put it on there, forgot about it and when I came back 45 minutes later it had 4,000 likes. I couldn’t believe it.”