Chachi, a poodle, from Sydney, Australia has learned to hide around corners and jump out at his unsuspecting owner

A toy poodle has found a hilarious way to prank their owner – and now tries to ‘scare’ them at every opportunity.

The one-year-old apricot pup, called Chachi, likes to wait at the top of the stairs for their unsuspecting owner before jumping out to scare them.

But it’s not a one-off trick for the Sydney-born poodle, who will jump out at his owner whenever he hears her coming up the stairs.

One video posted to the TikTok account @chachi.sherri saw a compilation of Chachi’s pranks just to prove how frequently he does it – but he still manages to spook his on-edge human each and every time.

In the first clip, Chachi is sporting a blue top and he listens out for his approaching human before backing around the corner and crouching down to hide. He peeks his head around the banister and waits until he catches a quick glimpse of her walking up the stairs engrossed in her phone.

He shuffles back and leaps out, making his human jump out of her skin.

After each ‘boo’ his owner gets over the initial shock, and gives the poodle a fuss as Chachi does a victorious spin.

The pup has even mastered tiptoeing on his paws so no-one hears his nails on the hardwood floor – and knows how to bide his time for the best scare, making his owner nearly drop whatever is in her hands each time.

One viewer wrote: “No way man, this dog thinks this through enough to do it over and over.”

Another added: “I’ve never seen a dog do this – so cute.”

But poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds, with the American Kennel Club calling them ‘wickedly smart’.

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