Influencer and model Anna Stupak, from Russia, shared the photo of her dog, atop a plane, on Instagram where she has hundreds of thousands of followers, and it left people divided

A Playboy model has hit back as she faced criticism on social media after dyeing her pooch bright orange for a photoshoot.

Anna Stupak, from Russia, gave the poodle a makeover using orange dye, leaving the pooch’s fur the same shade as a highlighter.

The model left people divided after sharing a picture with her 949,000 followers on Instagram, with some people unsure about the practice.

But Anna insisted that the paint was “safe”, after sharing a photo of the dog posing on a bright red plane, the Daily Star reports.

The canine was completely orange – apart from its face and tail – and Anna said she had spent “more than €6,000 (£5,000) painting the dog’s fur.

She insisted that the procedure was carried out “with the greatest safety in the world”.

Captioning the post, Anna wrote: “My little pilot.”

But some weren’t impressed, with one viewer asking: “Is painting the dog’s fur really safe?”

Another wrote: “The animal’s fur was not made to be painted, in any colour.”

Hitting back at naysayers, the model insisted that the dye “didn’t hurt the animal’s skin”.

She argued: “It’s a paint that brings out the dog’s fur, because in fact, it’s already almost that orange colour. Everything was done with a lot of responsibility so as not to harm his skin.”

Anna also told how the pooch is “very well taken care of”, adding: “My dog is better taken care of than most people.”

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