A mum has been left furious after finding out her kids watched Newsround at school, as she believes they should be allowed to “have a childhood” before learning about current affairs

A mum has caused a stir online after claiming her children shouldn’t be watching news programmes at school – even if those programmes are specifically designed for young people.

The unnamed woman took to Mumsnet to ask whether it was “unreasonable” of her to want her children’s school to stop showing the kids episodes of BBC’s Newsround, which is the current affairs programme for children aged between six and 12.

The mum said she doesn’t allow her children to watch the news at home because of how “alarming” it can be and doesn’t think it’s right for young people to be learning about what’s happening in the world.

She wrote: “Every class at my children’s school seems to watch Newsround on a daily basis.

“We deliberately avoid watching news with them around, because so much of it is alarming for people who haven’t yet got adult perspective on things.

“News TV is deliberately curated to make it as arresting and attention-grabbing as possible, and obviously concentrates more on the bad stuff than anything else.

“Can’t they just have a childhood before they’re confronted with the dark sides of human nature?”

The mum also detailed specific news stories her children had learned about which she believed were inappropriate – including the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin last year and the recent terror attack which saw a bomb explode inside a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

She added: “Today my eight-year-old came home excitedly saying, ‘A taxi blew up! It was so cool’.

“On previous occasions, they’ve come home telling me about things like George Floyd’s murder – including graphic details of how he was killed – and North Korea possibly having nuclear weapons.

“My 10-year-old even asked if I think we’ll have World War III caused by North Korea.”

But the woman’s post has been slammed by other Mumsnet users, who insisted Newsround is designed to present current affairs in a child-friendly way and said the mum can’t keep her children from hearing about the news.

One person replied: “Newsround is ideal for children to learn about current events in an age-appropriate way.

“Better for them to see what actually happened than get snippets of playground gossip, talk radio, or adult discussion. You can’t protect them from hearing about news.”

While another said: “Eight and 10 is old enough to start learning about the world in an age-appropriate way.

“If your 10-year-old thinks that taxis blowing up is ‘cool’ it sounds like he could do with a little more exposure to real life, not less.”

And a third agreed, adding: “I think it’s absolutely great the school is showing them Newsround. Kids pick up on stuff anyway, far better to have it explained to them in a non-sensationalist way that they will understand.”