Staff measuring the Mesha Inscription



MRAMP was officially organized in 2015 and, with generous support from numerous international grants, began to rehabilitate the Madaba Archaeological Park West and prepare for a new museum. Photo galleries show the results of three seasons of onsite clearing, excavation, and conservation (2016-2018), along with workshops and training courses, as well as additional activities (like sub-surface mapping by Italian Marilena Cozzolino, using a georesistivimeter). They also place a special focus on the May 2017 official launch of the project which involved dignitaries from the US and Italian embassies, Jordanian officials (national, regional, and municipal), supporting entities, and 200 local guests. Ongoing maintenance continues onsite, in addition to focused attention on repurposing the current museum into space for research and storage of artifacts coming from the Madaba region. Given the rising challenges due to COVID-19, MRAMP then turned more attention to virtual reality, completing virtual tours of the architectural concept design of the new museum (visit HERE ), and engaging friends in the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Jordan to involve specialists in producing 3D virtual tours of various sites of interest in Madaba, complete with local tour guides and storytellers. Work continues on plans for the actual museum, with raising sufficient funds the primary focus.