Madaba Regional Archaeological Museum Project

The Madaba Regional Archaeological Museum Project (MRAMP) is an Italian-American-Jordanian collaboration committed to establishing a new Regional Archaeological Museum in the city of Madaba, Jordan. The objective of the MRAMP is to archaeologically prepare the area of the Madaba Archaeological Park West, in downtown Madaba, as the location for the new Museum, in order to display archaeological materials from the numerous excavations in the Madaba region. The sponsoring institutions of the project are La Sierra University, Gannon University, Perugia University, and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. Co-directors of the project are Dr. Douglas R. Clark, Dr. Marta D’Andrea, Dr. Andrea Polcaro, and Dr. Suzanne Richard; Mr. Basem Al Mahamid is the DoA on-site coordinator of the project and the Studio Strati of Rome is in charge of the new architectural plan.

Along with the main sponsoring institutions, the MRAMP was financially supported by USAID with a SCHEP (Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project) grant received in 2017, housed at ACOR. Two Italian institutions – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per le Tecnologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali (CNR-ITABC) and the Centre for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES) – provided in-kind contributions that allowed for the participation of experts in geomatics and restoration in 2017.

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